Thursdays Are Dead


But Fridays are booming!

So this is what my stats are telling me over the last few weeks… Thursdays online are dead.  Now I’ll admit I didn’t post anything yesterday here, and the blog I posted on The Gentle Way Of Hatha would not necessarily catch the eye of the average reader… But still, I noticed there seemed to be fewer posts from fellow bloggers.  Less traffic, comments and all around a slower day…

Then I hop online this morning and – BOOM BOOM BOOM- new blog after new blog starts showing up in my reader.  It was a bit overwhelming, and also a bit disappointing because i have a busy day today and no time to dig into these amazing posts!

This is what surprises me the most about my statistics- On all blogs, Tuesdays are the day my traffic sky rockets, and it does not even seem to matter whether I have posted a blog that day or not.

So I’m curious to ask about others observations – is there a specific day where you notice obvious uproars and others that are consistently slow no matter what you do?

These answers are going to help me make a schedule for future blogs… so thanks for any input!

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4 thoughts on “Thursdays Are Dead

  1. Either Monday or Tuesday is typically an excellent day. Weekends have been slow through summer and fall, but today, Saturday, was my best day all month. NO idea why.

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