It seems I have fallen out of writing.

I didn’t even realize it, or miss it. I knew the yoga blog was suffering, and because yoga is my life and business I knew I would have to write something eventually. When I logged into WordPress this morning, and hit ‘my blogs’ I found this one. I forgot about it. And Untitled and The Journal Project. Funny how life can change so fast and we forget about these things in our past…

Back to writing. Back to Painting. Back to living.

Jenn Apple Pridham | Seasons End


Somehow I forgot to reblog this last week when it was written by artist Jenn Apple Pridham… Check her out too!

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jenn apple dawn editedThere is just nothing like it.  Creating Art…

Life inspires me; The ebb and flow of emotions, the beauty in both the joys and the sorrows, the underlying complexities of meaning amidst simplistic surfaces.  What better way to express these themes, then with the ever-changing, and yet predictable cycle of the four seasons.

“Seasons Ago”, my debut art show last winter (2012), was like a homecoming.  Art has always been a passion for me, but for the first time in my life, I realized how much I needed it…like oxygen.  It was a creative outlet that nourished my heart, mind, body, spirit and soul in the face of postpartum depression.  It was a healing process that realigned me, and provided me with this priceless tool that clarified the chaos…via paint on canvas.  A gift, not only in the works of art that were created, but also in the community of…

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Jennifer Trefiak | On Inspiration


Check out fellow artist Jennifer Trefiak… her thoughts on inspiration, creating art, and music…

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If you’re an artist, what inspires you to create? If you’re an art collector, what elements in a piece of art inspire you to purchase it?

As an artist I paint what I feel, not what I see. I paint in an abstract style because life is messy, beautiful, ugly, and spontaneous. My inspiration comes from my own life experiences. I paint the feeling I get from looking at the world and the impression it makes on my soul.

I recently watched a television program called “What Do Artists Do All Day?” and the featured artist on that episode was Edmund de Waal who is a British ceramic artist. He said during the interview that it was a real privilege to be able to listen music while working. I have thought about that quite a lot because one of the first things that I do when I am set up…

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Reflection Of Self


More about art and yoga…

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Self-portraits 1996-2006
Self-portraits 1996-2006

Welcome to the dark side.

Yoga has been a gift of Light for me throughout many life challenges over the last 17 years.

Yoga has also allowed me to be a Light-giver. What does not often come forth in my public or professional life is the Darkness.

Mostly this is a part of all of us we would prefer to hide. For me it is an unconscious hiding… it’s a part of a reclusive, introverted process that helps me heal. It is a creative process, where I paint, write and nurture myself because I have given too much of myself.

I am currently preparing for an art show where I am facing this darkness, and pulling out work that I never thought I would share. As I reflect upon the pieces, and write summaries, I am reminded of, and so grateful for, my personal yoga practice.

Yoga is…

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Motherhood, Art and Creation


Sharing from the art blog ‘Untitled’

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AGO november 2013Yesterday I took my 2 year old son to the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO). We went to visit our cousin Robert, and thought it would be a fun afternoon adventure. That it was!

Chasing him around while he screamed (happily) through the gallery, reveling in his own echo; roaring at 3 faced carvings; imitating me while describing the colour ‘white’ to Robert;  catching him as he runs through the ropes towards hanging canvases; carrying him in one arm kicking and screaming past a group lecture, while pushing the stroller with the other hand and smiling apologetically to the viewers; being talked to by the guards about “rules of child conduct while in the gallery” (you’re not allowed to carry children on your shoulders, oops.) are just a few of the highlights.

I realized, once again, that my life is changed forever. Miles has accompanied me to The National Gallery in…

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Art Is A Journey


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Self Portraits 1996-2010
Self Portraits 1996-2010

On December 8th, 2013 I will be participating in an art show arranged by Jenn Apple Pridham called “Seasons End.”  Last year she hosted the show “Seasons Ago.”

One thing Jenn taught me through this experience, is art is an expression of our journey. Her series of hearts, homes and seasons was inspiring; full of feeling and bold expression of colours with dream-like qualities. When she told me about her personal journey through this project, I was truly touched (she will write a blog about this soon).

Last years show I went through all my old art, and pulled out all the tree images I had done over the years. Sketches, line drawing, paintings and a few new paintings.

I have done many shows over the years, and always my themes revolve around nature. Trees, skies, landscapes, Northern Lights, and once I pushed my limits by including…

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The Journal Project

journals half way through edited photoThe Journal Project (1999 plus)is something I felt possessed to begin and a year later (when I intended to have it complete) I am only at journal 25 of about 60.  It is a hardcore project with a lot of heavy (time consuming) sorting, feeling, and letting go.

“My place is among the meek, not the elite, in the streets.”

-Journal entry November 22, 2004.

My time at OCAD made me realize it was the city that inspired my passion for expression, not the school institution. I enjoyed walking the streets, observing the people, and writing. I disliked the cliques and culture that manifested in the art world.

Keyboard Shortcuts


Fun reminders for computer ‘illiterate’ writers such as myself :) (did I even spell that right?!)

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Recently, after commenting on a fellow blogger’s site, I was challenged to write about something that may help a few folks out. If you are already technically savvy, this post may not mean a hill of beans to you though. One way to gain efficiency in your daily work routine is to use shortcuts. Not the type that get you in trouble, but the type that increase your productivity.  In my case, I picked these tips up from the place I use to work at in order to keep my job. You see, they had shotty equipment and my mouse was forever dying on me. I had to learn these keyboard shortcuts so that I could continue to work – without a mouse! “My mouse is broken” was never a good excuse, and saying “I called the helpdesk” would get several sets of eyes rolled at me. So, I…

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